60 Ideas for Europe

Presidential veto

The EU President (created in the Lisbon treaty) should be given a veto over decisions reached by qualified majority voting (QMV). The way in which QMV functions presently is deeply undemocratic. States with nothing but an academic interest in an issue can pass legislation which may be very damaging to a key industry within another… » read more

Need a change

I think that in Europe it is time to think about immigration problems. The Europeans no longer seem mannered, reserved, correct people. The reason for this trend is the blind imitation of the mass culture of show business. Relegated to the background values of family, home, children. Europe is time to understand that we should… » read more

Instil european values.

New citizens to the EU should undergo a cermony much like the american, where the theme of the ceremony is to honor european values as freedom, equality and scientific progress. Likewise should european school children have time set aside for learning about the foundations of which the continent has been built. In an age where… » read more

Sin un nuevo indicador de valor de la calidad de los recursos humanos que garantice la marcha estable de todos los planes y programas previstos para la EU de los 2040 el trabajo de los 25 años anteriores se pierde como consecuencia del envejecimiento acelerado de los RH. Yo les propongo leer mi propuesta de… » read more

500 million Europeans are taken in hostage by 862,415 Irish (less than 0.2% of the European population) – in the name of democracy. According to the elitist representative democrats this is the direct democrat’s fault, i.e. the “uneducated and unteachable people”. This disrespect makes the current EU-catastrophe even worse. Because: in a democracy the tool… » read more

Hello everyone, my name is Chiara,i’m 18 and i’m italian. i would suggest to all the webmasters of the european portals to send e-mails with informations about the European Parliament,about the international camps,about the information which is SO POOR!! I discovered this site casually,and i think it’s soo bad.You should send an e-mail in every… » read more

The EU budget should be decomposed into three distinct parts. Part I would include redistributive operations, including all structural funds and horizontal transfers required to bring net balances in line with relative prosperity. Part II would describe activities for the provision of European public goods: it would show on the revenue side own resources and… » read more

The growth of the European economy needs support by the Union’s budget. Hence, exploiting the strength of the euro, allowance should be made for the possibility of tapping capital and stock markets with Community loans to finance specific projects of European scale and value added, that add to capital stock and have measurable positive returns,… » read more

The overall fiscal burden on European citizens is already high and should not be increased. The present ceiling on own resources – set at 1.27 per cent of aggregate GNI – appears on the whole adequate for the present and perspective tasks of the Union, if the ceiling is fully utilised by removing the implicit… » read more