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Need a change

Posted by John Smith on 04/12/08

I think that in Europe it is time to think about immigration problems. The Europeans no longer seem mannered, reserved, correct people. The reason for this trend is the blind imitation of the mass culture of show business. Relegated to the background values of family, home, children. Europe is time to understand that we should return to basic values, rather than gonyatsya for incomprehensible ideas obscure idols.

Les Nations sont mortes ! Vive l’Europe !

Posted by Phil Lipp on 19/05/08

My suggestion is to reflect on a European Union BEYOND Nation i.e. without the limitation of Nationality. A Europe of Regions, Provinces or whatever BUT without Spain, Italy, Poland, France, Germany etc. These dinosaures are a threat for the prosperity and peace of Europe.
A Europe without Nations belongs actually to the original utopia but was long forgotten.
There is a need to prospect & develop modern ideas in that field for at least 2 reasons:

1. We should think about the best political organisation for the future of europeans. We are talking here about Europe’s perspectives for 2030.

2. Nobody can be sure that the concept of Nations will not collapse one day (e.g. Belgium). So what will we do then?