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Posted by Chiara Palieri on 26/06/08

Hello everyone, my name is Chiara,i’m 18 and i’m italian. i would suggest to all the webmasters of the european portals to send e-mails with informations about the European Parliament,about the international camps,about the information which is SO POOR!! I discovered this site casually,and i think it’s soo bad.You should send an e-mail in every [...]

Blog europ@s

Posted by EMILIO on 26/05/08

Desarrollar un blog en el que podamos hablar de cualquier asunto (economía, urbanismo, cultura. cine, literatura) con una perspectiva europea.

Communication on the European project

Posted by Robert VERSCHOOTEN on 19/05/08

People know little about the European project. Only an ambitious and comprehensive approach can remedy this shortcoming. People should – even superficially – be aware of the whereabouts of the European project and the numerous benefits it generates. When European decisions are to be taken options should feed the public debate. European political parties shall [...]

European citizenship and representative democracy

The June 2009 European elections should be the main target for all EU programmes related to communication, participation and civic education.

A more open, transparent and democratic EU!

Posted by Andris Gobins on 05/05/08

The EU should become even more transparent and democratic. Commission, council and parliament meetings, working groups etc. should be covered on the web pages of the institutions. Meeting agendas with comments and side documents should be published and opportunities for wide feedback and discussion provided on the web pages.

Boost Erasmus, Socrates and Galileo programmes

We need to boost the Erasmus, Socrates and Galileo programmes. If we do not significantly increase the number of exchanges carried out under these programmes, we cannot hope to arrive at a true European awareness amongst our citizens. First of all, we need to increase the budget devoted to these programmes. (For example, the current [...]

EU communication – with participatory support of citizens

Posted by kiazami on 21/04/08

The culture of communication is changing all over. The direction is the participatory dimension – companies on the net are creating high values, because they are sharing their ideas, processes, letting the customers share their views. This is not only creating values, but financial better solutions as well. In communicational policy, EU has to adopt [...]

Le Dialogue des Cultures et l’Education européenne

Posted by Dusan Sidjanski on 21/04/08

Proposition de thème sur le Dialogue des Cultures et l’Education européenne au sein de l’atelier « L’Europe de l’Education et de la Culture » par Dusan Sidjanski Le dialogue des cultures et l’éducation européenne (dialogue à l’intérieur de l’Union européenne, notamment avec les immigrants ; éducation européenne dès les classes primaires – histoire, géographie, environnement, [...]

The EU-is-good-for-you campaign

Posted by Hans Jürgen Schneider on 15/04/08

The EU-is-good-for-you campaign The idea: Once a month the EU puts an advertisement in a high-circulatuion print medium in all member states(or alternatively some), headed”Europe is good for you”. Example contents:Energy monopolies must be broken-your costs will be reduced;strict pollution limits are good for your health; speed limits are good for you-more EU citizens will [...]

The European elections of 2009 and the need to inform the citizen about the EU

Posted by Sofie Foets on 09/04/08

By voting for the European Parliament (EP) of the EU, all Europeans are allowed to have their voice heard in Europe, and as such the European elections raise the democratic value of the Union. However, few Europeans make use of their right to vote for the EP. Since 1979, with the first direct elections for [...]