60 Ideas for Europe

In a reformed EU budget spending programmes should be forward-looking and reflect common goals and priorities. The regulatory tasks of the European Union do not require large resources, although larger spending seem in order to fund projects of common interest in the fields of research, material and immaterial infrastructures, internal and external security, and also,… » read more

European Union is build and continues to progress based on shared values and interests of all member states toward a common vision. No doubt it is a success story of its own. It is very important that countries with different cultures and interests stick together and discuss their common future. Member countries use the diversity… » read more

My suggestion is to reflect on a European Union BEYOND Nation i.e. without the limitation of Nationality. A Europe of Regions, Provinces or whatever BUT without Spain, Italy, Poland, France, Germany etc. These dinosaures are a threat for the prosperity and peace of Europe. A Europe without Nations belongs actually to the original utopia but… » read more

There is vast empirical evidence in Europe and around the world which shows that Independent Central Banks are far better able to achieve their aims than Central Banks which suffer from political influence. The ECB is a sterling example as its policies are not affected by political actors. Economic theory also shows that political considerations… » read more

People know little about the European project. Only an ambitious and comprehensive approach can remedy this shortcoming. People should – even superficially – be aware of the whereabouts of the European project and the numerous benefits it generates. When European decisions are to be taken options should feed the public debate. European political parties shall… » read more

There should be a citizens’ right to be informed in the first place as the key to accessing other European rights. A major task for the new European Parliament and European Commission should be to reduce the gap between the theory and practice of European citizenship and examine ways in which non-judicial and judicial remedies… » read more