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EC President election

The President of the European Commission could be directly elected by universal suffrage at the same time with the European Parliament elections (in a separate vote).

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  1. Great idea to have presidential elections but why couldn’t the president of the commission be the european parliamentary leader, of the winning party or coalition?

    Two seperate elections, presidential and parliamentary, at the same time could be confusing to the electorate.

  2. There are at the same time presidential and parliamentary elections in almost every country in Central and Estern Europe, in France and Finland, not to mention the US, many countries in Latin America (among which many federal countries).

    And it works, people are able to make the difference !
    So please, don’t take voters for idiots !

  3. In order to be effective and using disposals already approved, let me inviting you to consider the following proposition:

    The Lisbon Treaty will permit that the position of President of the Commission and President of the European Council can be held by the same person!

    That possibility can help to avoid the confusion from outside Europe that Europe is represented by a multitude of personnalities all of them presenting themselves as being the official representative of the EU.

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