60 Ideas for Europe

Institutional reforms

The European Parliament’s right of legislative initiative should be strengthened. It should also have the power of ratifying, on behalf of European citizens, any European Union treaty or treaty affecting the EU before it comes into force. Moreover, the European Parliament should be granted the power of deciding to hold EU-wide consultative referenda, after having consulted the Commission and the Council. As for the latter, it should adapt its procedure as regards to accessibility, transparency and accountability.

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  1. I totally agree with the EU-wide consultative referenda idea. Besides the fact that it would be the opportunity for great debates between personnalities from different coutries, such an initiative would enable European citizens to feel they are altogether part of a project which goes further than member states’ mere national interests and it could reinforce their European identity (or at least start to draw their attention to European concerns). Organizing a European referenda the same day in every EU country is just logical: after all, in national referenda, all the regions vote at the same time even though they do not always share the same interests… I think we really should do the same at the European level as the time has come to give the EU more consistency: people need to know that they are part of it, that they have their say in the decision-making process and that Europe is not an abstract concept elaborated by a fistful of bureaucrats in Brussels.

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