60 Ideas for Europe

Participatory democracy

EU citizens should be addressed more effectively and the European public space strengthened. This could be done with the creation of an interactive website (administrated by the European Parliament) in which citizens could participate in debates related to ongoing legislative processes and activities of the European Union. The work on developing civic education could be emphasized. Moreover, the citizens’ AGORA could be given an inter-institutional character and be permanent.

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  1. Great idea for the website! But, it needs to be translated into as many languages as financially possible so that we can read posts from those who don’t speak our language. That’s the only way to have a true European public space.

    One of the great weaknesses of the Debate Europe website is that it doesn’t do this. Without translation, we have either national conversations about European issues – – or European conversations among atypical citizens (those who write foreign languages well).

    Of course, you must also have some sort of process to analyse and synthesize comments and make sure they’re actually used by decision makers. Otherwise, they’re just PR tools that waste citizens’ time and increase cynicism.

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