60 Ideas for Europe

A growing demand for information can be observed among European citizens. Nevertheless, this demand is not met by the media. Therefore, efforts must be made to convince them of the existence of this need, and of the benefits of informing their respective audiences in a way that is adapted to each of them.

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  1. “Adapted” to them? No, that is not needed. What we are lacking is more access to “raw news”. Look what they did to the European Parliament website. You find all these uninformative PR texts but not the actual stuff that matters.

    I am a political liberal. As such I don’t think that its a valid goal to tell the media what to report. This is not the way it works and it should word. The answer would be rather to make European Policy making more interesting. For this purpose you need a good flow of information from interested stakeholders, more controversy.

    Forget the intermediaries. As long as euroaddicts don’t get the hard news they request from the institutions but rather PR and uninformative texts, my solution would be to actually *listen more* what people *really want* to know. Don’t change the media or the people because they never do wrong: adapt EU communication policies.

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