60 Ideas for Europe

The EU should become more interactive, citizen friendly and inclusive, recognising the growing significance of regional approach and identity. New and innovative information technique should be used to improve communication with citizens especially young people. Specific attention has to be paid to the frequently neglected gender issues.

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  1. A Europe of Peace
    as an alternative to wasting billions of euros on new sophisticated weapons, armaments and a rapid intervention force, the EU should, in its place, more actively promote conflict prevention & peaceful conflict transformation by establishing a new well-funded & well-equipped European Directorate for these purposes, including a think tank, task force, education department & tools, an army of peace messengers etc., in order to redress the current imbalance.

  2. John, your comment is an idea in itself, rather than a comment to the ‘more interaction’ post you’re commenting to. Why not repost your comment as a post? It’s a good one – soft power, after all, is an EU strength.

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