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Europe “memory”

The EU should prioritise creating and communicating a new ‘memory’ about Europe, to move away from the stereotypes associated with certain countries and history, so that all
citizens can be valued and we can understand each other better.

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  1. Creating a new memory for Europe is definitely not something the EU should get involved in. The creating of a new collective memory in an artificial manner has never been (and will never be) an effective nor an ethically responsible undertaking.
    Although the narrative of European history, as it is perceived generally today, is often not or only partly in line with what really was going on at the time, reconstructing it should be an organic process lead by independent historians with anyone interested, in a never ending open debate.
    “The” history of Europe does not exist, there are many versions, most of which contain at least some truth. A political organisation like the EU should not get involved in the construction of any kind of memory and should at most just fund independent historical research.

  2. Comment peut-on affirmer qu’il n’existe pas d’histoire de l’Europe et qu’une mémoire européenne est superflue?

    Une macro-histoire bien implantée ( parce qu’instrumentalisée par les Pouvoirs!) a montré ses limites: son unique critère est l’état-nation, une créature récente qui ne représente rien dans la longue durée.

    La micro-histoire peut seule fonder cette “mémoire” commune, celle des “échanges” qui ont façonné le sol européen: amoureux, linguistiques, religieux, culturels, idéologiques, gastronomiques, urbanistiques, techniques…

    Mais de cette Histoire-là, “on” ne veut pas: la macro-histoire l’occulte au profit des Puissants comme elle a occulté les fraternisations de Noël dans les tranchées de la 1ère guerre!

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