60 Ideas for Europe

French president has proposed a new framework for the “bassin Méditerranéen”. That is what he calls the Mediterranean Union. If Europe wants to develop its southern neighbours the technical assistence of the Neighbourhood Policy is not sufficient.

I think it is a good starting point but the idea has to be reformulated to be less “French dependant” and create more ownership not only in southern Mediterranean countries but also with South Europe countries.

I propose the creation of a new real international organisation (a new EU) that would include North and South Mediterranean countries. It would start with a core group of countries (basically Maghreb and all South EU countries, including France).

As ECSC did in 1951, we must find the common elements from which the spillover would operate. But it is too ambitious to start thinking that security and democracy issues can be discussed within this framework from the very beginning. For those issues the Barcelona Process would more adequate.

European Neighbourhood Policy is a good idea but creates a unilateral relation, hampering the possibility to create ownership.

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