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EU Television

It is of great importance that the EU induces European integration by facilitating one or more television stations and that it seeks to legislate so that EU television could be enjoyed by every EU-citizen.

Though EU television is a major challenge to embark on, the EU members’ national TV stations already produces high quality cultural documentaries and other programs that swiftly could be provided subtitles and introduced at a European level.
Also sporting events could be bought by the EU-TV and thereby save the member states millions of Euros.

Even though Euronews is already in existence, countries like Denmark doesn’t receive the signal through the cable network. Proper EU legislation could make this possible and make it possible for EU-citizens to get part of their cultural- and historical information through one high quality source and thereby facilitating a common European identity. This is crucial for our common future and the legitimacy of the European Union.

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  1. I agree, but such station could be an extension of different existing national television stations. The best might be to make a selection of high quality programs of these stations ex documentaries and transpose them for transmission across Europe one could use the existing possibilities of EUROVISION plus enlarging them. These programs could be all presented in a special frame with an international- European spirit. all programs should be examplary in artistic and journalistic matters.

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