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We must clear the places of the Powers in EU. Its also one of the multiple reasons for which EU is not very clear and understandable for its citizens. The Three Powers must work together but stay separate in the future treaties (or Constitution?) and this separation could be simbolised in the Geography. We have to avoid a too centralised Power in the European Union, because of the national sensibilities, beacause of the moving of the european center of gravity to the East.
And it’s a waste of time, energy and money for the 785 (soon “only” 750+1) deputies and for the EU budget.

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  1. Sorry, but this is a lousy idea. The 3 main institutions – EP, Council, Commission – only really work because the people who work in them communicate with each other on a daily basis. By e-mail and phone, but in large part in meetings, over coffee, or at meals and events. Stick the EP in Strasbourg and keep the Commission in Brussels and you end all of that.

    Plus as your article has completely ignored the Council, one has to wonder whether you know how the EU works…?

  2. The resides for the main institutiones were long ago set.
    The official reside for the EP is in Strasbourg where the MEPs activate only a week a month in plenary sessions.There are also two weeks of work a month for MEPs in the reside of Brussels.

    I think it is a misunderstanding there. I think nobody wants to move all the buildings of EP with its administration in Strasbourg. EP needs to work in close connection with the
    E Commission and the Council of European Union also Brussels-based.

    So nothing will be changed now!

  3. Yeah i forgot the Council, i think Coucil could stay in brussels.
    I just want to start the debate about this situation.
    you don’t think it’s a waste of time for our deputies?
    @Jon Worth : I know that, the three main institutions can work closely because they are side by side here in Brussel.
    But i think about the citizens who don’t know exactly how the Eu works… for the citizens Strasbourg is the place for the Parliament.
    Perhaps we should move definitly the EP in brussel, but how france will react?
    That’s the question in the question.

  4. Dear All,

    I am a great supporter of decentralization. Thank you Ludwig for opening the debate. I believe in a Europe that does not centralize all its decision-making powers in one city but in many different ones, where technology enables rapid and flexible working relations, while making sure that distances do not mean harming the environment- which is the case today.

    Decentralization would have amazing effects on Europe such as the modernization of transport connections (airports, speedtrains), telecommunications, education and so on. It would force us to export Europe to other regions who “don’t know how the EU works” and give them of chance to empower themselves. We would have mini-Brussels all over Europe where Europeans would learn how to mix and enjoy each others cultural backgrounds.

    So the real question for me is what kind of Europe do we want? One where Brussels centralizes the decision-making powers, or a decentralized one? I’m for the latter.

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