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I first spoke at a conference in favour of Britain joining the the Common Market in 1961 – at the request of Harold Macmillan who needed support for his forthcoming application to join. I have supported the idea ever since and ever more enthusiastically as I see what I had hoped for coming to pass. Sadly the majority of the British media and all too many British people have little idea of what Europe has done for us as the Media listen to UKIP or rightwing Conservatives and reproduce much quite untrue nonsence for the public to read. We don’t want a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty as it does no more than rationalise the other Treaties, Amsterdam, Nice, the Single European Act, Maastricht the last two ratified by the Conservative Govts of Margaret Thatcher and John Major. Today we have been forced to leave the Conservative Party in its extreme right wing, and in its rejection of Europe, whihc started with the Bruges Speech delivered by Margaret Thatcher, who switched quickly from being very pro in the 1975 referendum. She too was highly critical of Referenda which in 1975 she said were used only by dictators!We have to provide more information to the public, to schools, from stalls at busy markets and county shows to schools. Recently I spoke to 200 15 year olds said to be difficult.In fact they were fascinated by the history,by knowing what the EU has done for the economy, employment, civil rights, development aid, peace and will do for global warming. Maureen Tomison

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  1. Maureen

    It is difficult to come across such a blinkered and biased post such as yours.

    There are just as many left wingers and centreists as right wingers who oppose the eu and its dictatorial practices. No believer in democracy could possibly countenance any involvement with the eu.The eu has done nothing to promote peace; in the Balkans it stood back and allowed the genocide to proceed. As for the eu’s impact in Britain well our farmers are suffering from slow strangulation, we are not permitted to grow sufficient to feed ourselves, our fisheries have been ruined by factory boats interested only in today and our productive sector has been emasculated by regulation.

    The eu has nothing that Britain either wants or needs!

  2. It seems that our education system collapsed even sooner than I thought! What utter tripe!

    Better Off Out! By a country mile!

  3. What utter tosh Maureen, the EU has destroyed our country and we did not elect it. What planet is this woman on?
    I am sick of the lies about the benefits peddled by certain people, we are not stupid so don’t treat us as if we are. We went into this mess on a lie and Heath should have paid for that instead of being knighted. It is corrupt/illegal and unelected and we should get out before our country is finished.
    A great many of us have all the treaties, especially the last one…we can read and we do not like what we read.
    Chirac ordered a report from the F.I.E which said it would collapse, Monet on his death bed said it wouldn’t work, what makes people like you think you know best?
    We have been lied to for decades and forced into something we know to be wrong and yet people like you think it’s okay, as i said before, name the planet you are on because it certainly isn’t planet truth. You don’t like it because the public are finally on to you pros. It’s the biggest pyramid scam the world has known.

    Anything based on a lie can never work or have you forgotten Monet’s words, because we haven’t.

    “”Europe’s nations should be guided towards the superstate without their people understanding what is happening’.
    This can be accomplished by successive steps each disguised as having an economic purpose, but which will eventually and irreversibly lead to federation”
    Jean Monnet
    Founding father of the EU

  4. What exactly do you mean by: “… the Lisbon Treaty … does no more than rationalise the other Treaties”?

  5. “…by knowing what the EU has done for the economy, employment, civil rights, development aid, peace and will do for global warming.”

    What the EU has done for the economy – increased red tape, destabilised the whole european economic system by trying to force divergent economies into a one model fits all policy. Helped make the EU uncompetitive, protectionist and stagnant. Cost the UK (and many other countries) billions in wasted contributions due to corruption and incompetence.

    What the EU has done for employment – exacerbated difficult economic conditions and made unemployment within the Eurozone far higher and more ingrained than in non Eurozone economies. Created a protectionist bloc which drives away investment and causes stagnation in the jobs market.

    What the EU has done for civil rights – in the UK it has done its best to undermine a centuries old system of common law and Jury trial and replace it with Corpis Juris. It has introduced a so called charter of rights which actually allows under one of its arrticles for all rights to be suspended if they are deemed a threat to the EU.

    What the EU has done for development aid – ensured that far less of it gets to the people that need it than would have been the case if it had remained under the remit of individual governments. Exposed the whole development aid budget to the corruption and mismanagement that is endemic in the EU. In addition it has imposed trade and fishing agreements on African countries which have been a disaster for local African economies and it has used its bully boy tactics through the European Partnership Agreements to make the lives of people in Africa immeasurably worse than they would otherwise have been.

    What the EU has done for peace – nothing at all. In fact its atrocious handling of the Balkan crisis in 1991 helped create the civil war and resulting genocide. In the end they had to call in the Americans to sort the problem out because the EU was incapable.

    What the EU has done for Global Warming – nacked the wrong horse by promoting biofuels which has led to the devestation of large tracts of rainforest and actually made the environmental conditions far worse than they would otherwise have been.

    I hope you are pointing all of this out to your 15 year olds.

  6. As Harold Wilson once said “a farrago of lies” – certainly a hodgepodge of demophobic disinformation, the constitution radically affects our own constitution and the way we will be governed – for evidence see the French have just transformed their constitution to allow for the introduction of the EU constitution, and the Irish must hold a referendum because it changes their constitution and to change their constitution they must by law consult the people.

    The EU has done nothing for us other than destroy our self determination, remove our democratic choice and create an empty talking shop of our once independent parliament by transferring power to the elected executive, who now act just like dictators.

    We the people of Britain voted to remain in a Common Market, we have never given our assent to being part of a greater European state we have never given our consent to becoming a citizen of the EU and we will not give our consent to the EU Constitution.

    The lack of a referendum is also a tool of dictators.

  7. It really is very sad to come across some-one that had been wrong for thirty-five years. Have you never noticed Maureen that it is only THIS Country that has had to lose so many wonderful liberties/freedoms. We have had to stand by why EU Regulations have destroyed our Fishing grounds. Soon we will have to import most of our food, and yes, we will have to have GM food because we cannot stop it ourselves. We have lost our wonderful Royal Mail when we got it on time and twice a day. D’you know Maureen, I can’t think of one GOOD thing being in the European Union has done for us that we could not have done for ourselves. The EU wants guards at THEIR borders while our Borders let everyone in, terrorists included and there isn’t a thing we can do about it. So, WHY DO WE CONTINUE TO VOTE AND PAY WAGES AND VAST EXPENSES TO BRITISH MP’s that can no longer instigate our laws?

  8. I’ve never, ever, seen anything which the EU has done for us that we couldn’t have done ourselves if we wished.

    I’ve never, ever, heard of anything at all where the EU has decided that Britain’s way of doing something was best, that it should be adpted by everyone else. Everything that we do or have done is destroyed.

    I’ve never, ever, come across so much raging dishonesty as I’ve heard in the last few years.

    I’ve never, ever, heard any seriously impartial information or advice from any of our media. No wonder those youngsters knew nothing, they’ve had no chance. I bet, too, that you didn’t give them a truly balanced view of the situation!

    I truly believe that when the Great British Public finally wakes up, there will be civil war in our streets. Remember the tanks in Czechoslovakia? No difference!

  9. We don’t want a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty
    Is that the Royal WE you are using as you certainly do not speak for me and 70% of the British people.
    Unfortunately the British people know only too well what the EU has done TO us, not for us.

    I only hope you don’t get within earshot of my grandchildren. British history is OK but EU propaganda we can do without.

    By the way have you bothered to read the constitutional/reform/Lisbon Treaty. I have and have found out how it effects the other treaties. To me there doesn’t seem any difference in this treaty and the old Constitutional treaty.
    As regards the other treaties, just because we were lied too by successive governments doesn’t mean we still have to believe the same lies now
    I would also like to know if there is any conflict of interest.

  10. Je suis sidéré par l’avalanche de commentaires négatifs qu’a suscités l’article de Maureen Tomison – surtout par l’absence d’arguments pour étayer ces commmentaires! Le Royaume-Uni n’a-t-il donc pas souffert des guerres ? N’a-t-il pas profité, grâce à l’Europe, de la plus longue période de paix depuis César ? Ne fait-il pas entendre sa voix dans le monde grâce à l’Europe et ne contribue-t-il pas, grâce à elle, à maintenir cette paix dans de nombreuses régions, notamment les Balkans ? Ce n’est pas par l’Europe que le Royaume-Uni a perdu son empire et son rôle mondial, mais c’est bien grâce à elle qu’il pourra continuer à jouer un rôle international de premier plan. Ceux qui rejettent l’Union au nom de sentiments assez nationalistes feraient bien de s’en souvenir.

  11. translation [“I am astonished by the avalanche of negative comments prompted the article by Maureen Tomison – especially by the lack of arguments to support these commmentaires! The UK therefore did he not suffered from wars? Did he not benefited through Europe, the longest period of peace since Caesar? Does it not raise its voice in the world through Europe and does he not, through it, to maintain the peace in many regions, including the Balkans? This is not the Europe that the United Kingdom has lost its empire and its global role to, but it is thanks to her that it could continue to play a role on the world stage. Those who reject the Union on behalf of nationalist sentiments rather would do well to remember.”]
    Sorry, our schools no longer teach foreign languages.
    The comments on here are not so much about losing an empire as gaining a new one we don’t want. When the EU can have it’s accounts signed off and stops imposing awful legislation then we might want to be a part of it. As a measure of good faith perhaps they could close the regional assemblies and other unelected institutions littering our country. In the meantime we can only wish and lobby for a promised referendum by both labour AND the liberal democrats.

    auto translation back 🙂 [Désolé, nos écoles ne plus enseigner les langues étrangères.
    Les commentaires ici ne sont pas tant de perdre un empire comme acquérant un nouveau nous ne voulons pas. Lorsque l’UE peut avoir ses comptes signés et les arrêts imposant affreux législation pourrait alors nous voulons être une partie de celui-ci. Comme une mesure de bonne foi, ils pourraient peut-être fermer les assemblées régionales et d’autres institutions non élues jonchent notre pays. En attendant, nous ne pouvons que souhaiter et de lobbying pour le référendum promis par les représentants de syndicats et les libéraux-démocrates.]

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