60 Ideas for Europe

My main idea is to create the extracomunity laboral movility european space which people from no european countries can move into EU members and work without permissions in each country where they want to work. Only if they have a resident card from one EU member they can show it in another country and obtain a job.
But there will some rules about this idea: They need a document which it says they do not have legal problems in the EU member where the no european citizen lives and at least one year of residence in the first EU member where the person have obtained his first permission card. And also all the EU members have to sign this important agreement andt they must provide the means many no european citizens can learn languages such finnish, danish, german in order to work in countries like Germany, Finland, Sweden, etc
Actually I have this idea and it could be so woderful for The Spanish Goverment in order to help it with the no legal inmigration.
I will present this idea in order to realize investigations and a master in Employment and social policies by means of Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona this year.
Sincerely yours and Europe will have important changes with this main idea.

Jairo López Carrascal

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  1. Yo pienso que la comunidad europea ha demostrado ser muy seria en el manejo de la movilidad laboral entre sus Estados miembros.
    Existe un caso de una colombiana que hizo sus estudios doctorales en el País Vasco y hoy día es una residente con derechos plenos como docente e investigadora.
    Así que la idea de Jairo López Carrascal me parece adecuada y ojalá la tengan en cuenta.

  2. Cabe resaltar que si se suma la estrategia de crecimiento y empleo, expuesta y aprobada en el marco del congreso Europeo en Bruselas, se llevase a cabo sería bueno tener en cuenta esta gran idea de oportunidad para el desarrollo socio economico en la UE.

    Saludos cordiales


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