60 Ideas for Europe

Europe coverage in the media

As a current affairs journalist with an extensive portfolio on Wider Europe, the EU and EU integration, including EU enlargement and well knowing the issues (I am a former Convenor of a Pan-European Group at the FPA in London), I would suggest:

to the mass media, please allow a much wider contributions from freelance professional journalists on Europe, as we read the same stories, with the same angles by the same people, (I think I know why). Pls think of a new economic model that will support more freelance copy, may be just having one knowledgeable commissioning Europe editor full-time, as young people are interested in Europe;

to the EU institutions, which recruit content through tenders, please assign the funding for management of content separately from the production of content with two payments – one to the content administrator, one to the content producer instead of often giving the funding to one medium-to-large size company that will not have the capacity to generate the most balanced and informative content. Tenders for EU funding often exclude the best, the most relevant and the most diverse contributions;

please revise the well-argued proposal of EC’s DG Comms Directorate to launch an EU-funded news agency (the idea was scrapped about two years ago as Brussels-based news reporters objected the idea to protect their jobs). Then unlike the Brussels-based reporters, who only cover EU institutions, not Europe, journalists from all over Europe will have a platform that will be accessible for anyone, who wants to know how people elesewhere in the EU live and think, learn about their cultures and economies. Euronews does not cover Europe, but Brusels.

If interested in these ideas, please write to teamneweurope@yahoo.co.uk

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