60 Ideas for Europe

Wire transfers between banks of different EU countries should be easier to make and less expensive. It would also be a good idea to issue European stamps (instead of national stamps) so that we would all pay the same postage rates. Indeed, it would be a lot easier for European citizens if we did not have to pay different prices for stamps from a country to another. For instance, if you are in Belgium and need to send a postcard (priority mail) to another EU country, it now costs you 0,80€. In France, for the same letter it costs you 0,70€ and in Spain 0,60€. A.V.

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  1. I could not agree more on both ideas. First, concerning the wire transfers, I think they should be free of charges especially within the Euro zone. It is unacceptable that we should pay sometimes up to 15€ to transfer money to other EU countries bank accounts, all the more since free movement of capital is one of the EU four freedoms.
    Secondly, on postage rates, I am convinced that common stamps would help people feel more like being part of the whole European project, that is to say to feel more “Europeans”, as it would provide us with another symbolic thing to share. The Euro has made travelling a lot easier, and we now feel less like going to a “foreign country” when we travel across Europe since we don’t have to change our currency. In that context and in the same logic of integration, why couldn’t we share the same stamps? I know postal services will be freed in the months to come, but if common rates are impractical, we should at least be able to use stamps of the same value from one state to another(i.e we should be allowed to use a 0,50€ Spanish stamp to send some mail worth 0,50€ in Italy).

  2. I am visiting Barcelona and am having difficulty finding a post office. But I was not aware that the different countries in the EU don´t share common postal rates and standards. Perhaps it might be due to stamps symbolic and oftentimes iconic value. But I agree that the people are not receiving full benefits of having a unified postal rate system. In the US, the stamps are unifrom state to state and many times when new stamps are issued they ususally have a commenmorative value which can be recognized border to border.

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