60 Ideas for Europe

While the EU has been established over almost 60 years, it seems that it has used this timespan more to estrange the European citizen from its institutions than it has to press them firmly to Europe’s bosom.

One only has to search the news for contemporary EU developments to find a wide array of issues which undermine the European citizen’s fate in the EU.
It seems that the EU does not realize that these incoherent actions widen the democratic deficit between its institutions and its electorate in stead of shrinking it.

Therefore, in the spirit of transparency and responsibility, I hereby call upon the EU, its institutions and its exucutives to come up with a clear and comprehensible EU strategy. One which is set up to represent the interests of its electorate, the European citizen.

This strategy will clearly depict the focus of the EU for the coming (4 to 5) years, and can be renewed every couple of years when the European citizens feel that there are other pressing issues on which the EU should focus.

The EU strategy will offer a strict guideline for the development of the EU, as well as an instrument to hold the EU and its institutions accountable for the developments within the EU.

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