60 Ideas for Europe

One Europe, Many Faces

As a big family of countries we should all work together in defeating the plagues of the 21. century. We should join our efforts, our money, resources, our knowledge to fight diseases, hunger, poverty. We should invest more money for research in new technologies like fusion, nano-technology,and many others, that would improve the life of EU citizen’s and other people all over the world. We shall not use our resources for cheaper mobile phone services… Eu itself should not interfere but in some way oversee the development of it’s younger member countries and help them with wisdom and support.In the European Union people, humanity should become the most important foundation in the future Europe, there is no Union, if we are not united as one Europe. The goal of EU should be making all its citizens equal in all ways, not only political, but social..There shall be no difference between people in Europe, because, if we joined the European Union, we joined to a bigger family of different historical,cultural,religious views and the goal is, that we work as one nation,one voice..despite our different views. That should be the biggest of all goals European Union should not only try to achieve but achieve it in the near future!

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  1. Remember David Mr Spidla has to work for a better Europe with equal opportunities programs for all the citizens (europeans or not).
    That is a great challenge to work hard for a strong and one Europe
    My mail jairounioneuropea@hotmail.com

    Sincerely yours,
    Jairo López

  2. In the EU each citizen is supposed to have equal language rights. How is this being achieved by Gordon Brown’s recent bid to boost one ethnic language (his own!) over all the others?:

    Surely the only rational way to achieve a linguistically level playing-field is through ‘universal bilingualism’ with one non-ethnic, non-territorial language as the common second language. This way nobody loses his/her mother-tongue, and everyone (British included!) must work towards implementation of the goal.

    It would be nice to read some discussion here about the 7 points of the Prague Manifesto also:

  3. One joy, many smiles.

    Unu ghojo, multaj ridetoj.

    Internacia lingvo esperanto, multaj naciaj, regionaj kaj lokaj lingvoj

  4. Postovanje David,znam da nisi lud za mojim hrvatskim narodom, no ovaj clanak Ti je OK.Samo naprijed!

  5. I’m so happy!

    Enfin, un projet européen qui s’appuie sur une conception réaliste de l’identité collective: elle reconnaît les différences, mais aussi les ressemblances! Jusqu’ici, pour des raisons d’équilibre, de compromis(sions)…, l’accent a été mis sur les différences à sauvegarder. Ici on parle de “famille européenne”…et dans une famille on respecte la personnalité de chacun(e), mais on aime aussi renforcer des valeurs, des normes, des imaginaires…communs!!!

  6. Génial, enfin une personne qui est vraiment compris mon idée. Merci à Dieu pour le grand peuple français.

  7. These are admirable utopian dreams, but not realistic in Europe.

    You must recognise Europe’s diversity.

    To be “one nation, one voice..despite our different views” we must all feel we have enough in common to be governed together – for the minority to accept the will of the majority.

    That is the only recipe for peaceful and stable government, so do not treat this lightly!

    The reality is that, at this time, Europeans do not have this much economically, politically and culturally in common to accept common government.

    Maybe in 100 years things will be different. But this is the situation right now.

    The 21st century reality is that superstates are breaking down, not being born. Even within existing European countries – Spain, UK, Belgium – people want stronger regional governance.

    People of course want to co-operate with others, but want local government.

    This is why we should instead be aiming for friendly co-operation between Europe’s nations. Not the political integration we see growing in today’s EU.

    Centralisation of power without meaningful democracy is a very dangerous path.

  8. Well to achieve my “utopian” dreams, EU must stop with the enlargment policy, at least for a while.I think, the first step to do is that the EU brings the 27 member countries to the same level in all sectors, political,social,economy and so on..

    I respect Europe’s diversity and I think that back in late 40s when the idea of a United Europe was born others thougt just like you “an utopian idea” 60 years later we are still far from the REAL UNION of Europe.Don’t underestimate the people’s wish for equal rights, equal salaries the equal right for knowledge. Listen to the Ode of joy, the Hymn of our “utopian” union.

    About the superstates, since the begining of the mankind, we want to have control, we want to conquer and we want to reign. Making one political body for the entire Europe isn’t such an utopic idea, but the biggest problem is in the people and the politicians. With one political body other political parties would lose their power and the sad fact is, that the humanity in the early 21.century is a greedy species.The whole spirit with wich the European union was born has been traded for a Europe where money rules istead of humanity.

    So you see, the problem is not in my idea or the Europe itself, the problem is in the small group of people wich reign. With one goverment,they lose their power and that is the problem.

    For all the problems of our modern time, there are no solutions in the present but we shall look in to the past.

    Sometimes the past is the aswer and the solution for the problems of the present time.

    You and the entire political body of the EU should read the Social convention from a french philosopher named Jean-Jacques Rousseau.

    In the end, not the philosophers start the wars or make people hungry it’s the politicians and their demand for power.

  9. Hi.

    That’s a great idea, the best way.
    I think we should be happier together before to be stronger.
    We just have to make the EU government more puissant and more representative to have an European Nation, thinking in the same ways all around itself.

  10. Un rêve utopique, cette vision de l’Europe? Pourquoi?

    Comme si l’histoire du continent européen n’avait pas vu se réaliser mille rêves utopiques qui ont déstabilisé les individus!!!

    Les exemples ne manquent pas: du remplacement par le denier romain des monnaies gauloises,du remplacement des mesures de capacité et de surface de l’Ancien Régime par le système métrique ( à l’échelle quasi planétaire!!!)…

    Croire que ces mutations se sont opérées sans résistance est une illusion.dans la mesure où les particularismes locaux ont toujours voulu s’opposer aux lames de fond de l’Histoire: toujours, il s’agissait de défendre des intérêts locaux!

    Croire qu’il en est de même en ce début de troisième millénaire est donc une erreur intellectuelle. Mais c’est aussi, parce que l’Histoire charrie ses leçons, une faute politique dans la mesure où les victimes en seront les générations de demain.

    Sous le fallacieux ( parce que à court terme) prétexte de défendre des intérêts nationaux, on tardera à réagir aux défis planétaires: la marginalisation du continent, son affaiblissement, son recul économique…

    Gouverner, c’est prévoir…avec l’éclairage du Passé…

    Les lignes Maginot n’ont jamais servi à rien!

    Je constate que la foi en cette illusion alimente le refus d’un projet fédéraliste européen.

  11. Dear David,

    EU already has a cohesion policy that aims the reduction of the disparities between EU regions. If it will be implemented in a Community Development manner (see http://speakup-europe.blogactiv.eu/2008/04/02/community-development-as-an-horizontal-theme-of-europe) I think that the differences between E.U. people won’t bother anybody in the future, being just a huge advantage for our region (like people diversity is for U.S.A.).

    Best regards,
    Nicolae Cuta,
    CRONO, Romania

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