60 Ideas for Europe

I wish young people could get the first job easier and would be better paid and as for the students, more scholarships would be better. Transferrable skills should be an option not only in UK, but all around Europe.
In the future I see a special kind of tourism. like national tourism where people would have the chance of getting to know national values, traditional habits in every country. I think that it could only enrich us and reduce our fear from everything that is unknown to us. Children could realize at an very early age that different can also mean fun and interesting.

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  1. Excellent!
    We share the same idea. Our association is engaged in practical approach to this topic. We actively promote intercultural dialogue. So hereby I’d like to invite You to establish direct communication and possibly cooperation! Greetings from Slovenia.
    Mr. Boštian Qoic
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  2. EU supported television channel
    1 suggestion will be to encourage national or local filmmakers from each of the 27 countries to produce short stories from their country for a common european television channel. Funny and critical stories, artistic and factal all kinds But it is important that the channel should not be an officially controled one- but EU should by funds support the productions and thereby the multiplicity.
    The different productions should be send in the national vernacular but with subtitles in order to make us acquainted with all the different languages in the different countries.

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