60 Ideas for Europe

European schools have a unique position to contribute to a more secure world. The independent Life-Link Friendship-Schools organisation promotes a program based on peace lessons around the ethics of Care for Myself – Care for Others – Care for Nature. Students preferably age 12-19 in classes perform concrete peace actions during few hours such as Healthy Food, Drugs, Sport&Peace, Culture of War into Culture of Peace/Care, Multiculturism, Clean Up campaigns, Water for Life.
The Life-Link program is now recognized in the MENA region (Middle East North Africa) where 70 schools from 12 countries perform the Culture of Care & Water for Life actions in collaboration with 60 schools in 10 countries world-wide.
Life-Link propose that “every school in wider Europe could and should join any international Peace or Care education network for the benefit of local peace actions plus dialogue with one school in a neighboring country plus one school in a European neighbourhood region.
Crucial for such an undertaking is that one or two teachers at each school will be given time and some resources to coordinate the schools “Foreign Relations”
Benefits according to the Life-Link experiences are on six levels:
Mother Earth

If not from Europe, where should such an initiative start in favour of confidence building and shaping
Common-Comprehensive Security

Hans Levander
Uppsala March 2008
Medical Doctor
European and Global Citize

Submitted by Life-Link Friendship-Schools Programme

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