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I am very sceptic about Europe.
I wish Europe would be more opened for southern nations, more fair and that it would stick to the international law .. so that special cases like Kosovo wouldn’t occur. I don’t feel like I’m living in the European Union, but in an American one .. because Europe naturally accepts and realizes whatever USA suggests .. at least this is the way how I see it.
It seems to me that the European Union cannot compete with USA because it doesn’t defend its nations. I don’t feel the same connection, but only the influences of the past and resentments in the background. We are in the Union, but we’re still afraid of each other and keep our distance from other nations .. there is a rivalry, but not in a good sense.
I wish that more effort would be put on the friendships between countries, economically, culturally and religiously. There is a lack of understanding and knowledge about neighbour cultures. We don’t understand them, thus we’re afraid of them.
A possibe solution would be to change the curriculum in schools so that children would learn about the European Union there .. get to know foreign cultures, have the chance to see them .. and maybe in the future there would actually be a true European Union.

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  1. I totally agree. This is not EU, this is USA Union! What America and EU have done with Kosovo is totally unfair and illegal. But right, who could punish AMerica, when they are the world’s police? WHo gives Europe to decide about Kosovo when 99% of those people don’t even know where Kosovo is? How can Euorpe tdecide about something they don’t know? I will NEVEEEER!!! trust in Europe, for they have taken away MY HISTORY, MY Religon, MY home, what my ancestors have given their lives for, what MY ancestors have built with there own hands (they didn’t get anything from Europeans but yet, Europe has the right to take it away?); and that’s democracy? That’s violation over international law!!! And what, entire Europe is saying YES to it. So if president Bush says tomorrow, that your home town, your home, your house and backyard, do not belong to you anymore, but to someone else, would you agree? And everybody around will nod YES to it? Years ago I would say YES to Europe, today I advise every country that hasn’t entered Europe yet, not to enter, but to build their own union, based on firstly KNOWLEDGE, TOLERANCE, RESPECT, JUSTICE; EQUALITY, FRIENDSHIP etc. for what EU is today won’t last long, for it’s pure hypocrisy, corruption, envy, full of quasi-democracy and there is no future in that. When they can take away a part of a country that has belonged to Serbia over 800 years…USA doesn’t even exist a third of that time, they’re capable of anything for their of interest. And what is even most absurd…when they all say…we hope in friendly relations with Serbia…who are you kidding? First you stab us with a knife, and than you want to be friends? And who sees any future in this kind of environment? There is no future for Serbs in EU!!!!

  2. I believe if this happened to one nation it can happen to anyone but it is so that other European nations do not care… it is always that way, what do I care for it…it’s not me they’re messing with…people are ignorant, selfish and there is not a trace of solidarity, how can we then talk about a UNION… it’s not people to blame, but those who lead EU. If I don’t know nothing about Kosovo not even where it lies…how can I ever care for it. People just buy what they see on TV or newspaper or internet, but do not ever come to judge what they see, read or hear. It is a very dangerous game, and it will anyhow hit every nation in the union sooner or later. Serbs will get their 5 minutes sooner or later: no union based on INJUSTICE did ever last. Serbia was open to European ideas, to learn about other cultures, invite other nations to come and see what Serbia is, and what kind of people Serbs are, but Europe has shown what kind of UNION they are with their ignorance. It is fightening to me to see what kind of society we live in. Is there anything human left in Europe?

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