60 Ideas for Europe

A global view on Europe

When I speak about Europe and the European future, I mean future of all people in it.

It is crucial that all these diverse people feel integrated despite the common currency, no borders, free movement of goods and numerous other common outlays. In spite of the fact that we are of different religion, nationality and the colour of skin, we have to make a step backwards and look at Europe as a whole, if we want to have a common Europe.

In my opinion this is what is missing. We look on things only from our point of view too many times. Therefore we’re not interested in what has changed in Europe but only what has changed for me .. have we all together made any money or was there something in it just for me..

The worst is happening right in the area where we should be most concerned, that is the environment: we do not only not ask ourselves if something is good for the environment or how it affects it but we are also indifferent regarding this particular question .. we think it is none of our business, we are not interested in it .. exactly because we think only from our own point of view .. as individuals and not from a common point of view.
Whenever we feel that there is nothing in it for us (we don’t even think about how much we lose until we feel it in our wallets) we automatically become careless towards the global consequences.

What is MY suggestion? Let’s go a step backwards and open our horizons.

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