60 Ideas for Europe

Education to Europe

If we consider the way we get interested into a subject, one constant resides in the distance between oneself and the object or idea.
What touches me is not the symbolic weight of an anthem or a flag, because such symbols are already made for people who partly feel themselves European.Before starting my studies I never clearly heard about EU, and we cannot give our adhesion to something we do not perceive. To observe Europe, we reclaim an incentive. What could be this incentive? For our parent’s generation it was the necessity of building peace, binding nation’s hegemony and it is not a reality anymore.
So my thought is that we have to consider less symbolic objects and focus on more ‘intimate’ messages.
What is an intimate message?
The food is for example what is touching me every day. The name of my street is another intimate message. My proposition is to catalogue a multitude of intimate message and try to propagate them. The counterpart is to avoid manipulation and advocate for openness (counterproductive when suspicion of manipulation). I have a lot of different ideas on what could be those intimate messages. I will offer a basic one in this message: Every child in Europe uses an agenda every single day at school. The European Commission could create 5 pages basically describing European institutions and propose them to ‘agenda factories’. They need content to fill their product, we offer them content that helps EU recognition. This is just one idea among many. Thank you!

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