60 Ideas for Europe

Energy and Climate

Climatic alteration is the greatest challenge a humankind has to confront. Our planet is getting warmer because we release great amount of gases into the atmosphere, which retain the heat of the sun. These gases are created with the combustion of great amount of coal, oil and gas, as well as with the industrial agriculture and cutting of big forests. The expected rise of the average global temperature will cause catastrophic climate changes that can murder millions, force millions of people to abandon their homes and cause yet unseen economic, social and environmental catastrophes. The developing countries will be most affected, but Europe will suffer also.

The good news is that we have an available technology, which is affordable and can enable a deviation from big ineffective power stations and industrial installations. Greenhouse gas emissions reduction will not only help to save the climate, but will also strengthen our economy. It is of a crucial importance that Europe remains the leading force in the international negotiations for we can only hope to encourage others to take actions with a positive European example and a true reduction of the emissions.

The most important is the package concerning energy-climatic changes, which will come out in the beginning of the year. The package will define the way in which the European union will achieve its European energetic objectives concerning climate until 2020: greenhouse gas emissions reduction by 20% until 2020 and

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