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EU-sponsored tv channel

EU supported television channel
Most people like to travel, but we can´t all do it as much as we like- but we need to know more about each other. My suggestion will be to encourage national or local filmmakers from each of the 27 countries to produce short stories from their country for a common european television channel. Funny and critical stories, artistic and factual ones of all kinds. The stories could be broadcasted on a EU channel and could also be offered to national TV channels, so there will be programmes from all over Europe every week on the most seen channels.
But it is important that the channel should not be an officially controled one- but an independent organ open for dialogue and different views on the world.
EU should by funds support the productions and thereby the multiplicity so also countries with small film productions can take part.
The different productions should be send in the national vernacular but with subtitles in order to make us acquainted with all the different languages in the different countries.
One of the problems in Europe are our lack of knowledge of each others cultures and languages.
Countries might start showing european films in vernacular with subtitles to hear the music and rythm in each different language. A Film in the original language tells a different story than when f.i italien peasants talk german or french. Generally too many american Bfilms are seen on european channels.

Submitted by Ellen Farr

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