60 Ideas for Europe

Technocrat insanity is often named as development. For example, Lake Balaton in Hungary was almost drained two times. Engineers made their plans, county prefects esteemed happily how much field they would gain and it was signed by the Kaiser in Vienna. If it had existed at that time, would a Future Generations’ Ombudsman have been able to protect the future generations’ interests (namely our, recent people’s interest) against such a consensus? It was only the lack of funds that saved Lake Balaton.

We should not spend on suicidal civilization patterns (e.g. technocrat infrastructure and economy) which destroy their own base of existence. In the midst of the present devastation of the Earth, the only development is what reduces global ecological footprint.

Life of 6.7 billion people on USA level of ecological footprint would demand five Earths, and even on Hungarian level would need two. Napoleon’s every ”victorious” step forward into the Russian barren made the retreat more horrible. The North Atlantic civilization pattern, which is devastating the Earth, is in overshoot and leads to a collapse.

We have to change together from this hu-maniac ”victorious” march of growth to a common global humane civilization (focused on the quality of life, non-material richness) by ecological footprint cutback (cutback in population and in material wealth).

Submitted by Gyula Simonyi

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  1. Idea of the year! We should all hear Gyula’s message! Gyula, I just found your foundation’s website and it is full of incredible stuff! BOCS.HU, guys, check it out! If there is a hope for humanity, then it is definitely in stopping overpopulation and overconsumption at once! As Lester R. Brown very well put it: we need a warlike global mobilization to save civilization!

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