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Universities are far too disconnected from Europe. Indeed, there are many personal relations between professors and students across Europe. But what is lacking is an involvement of the Universities as institutions – rectores, boards, faculties – in European integration. It is said that culture and education are not covered by the Treaty. This may be justified because of cultural diversity, but to me this viewpoint is too narrow and not up to the requirements of our days. I am advocating a pro-active approach of Universities regarding European integration, because a. Universities have been basic for scientific and societal development throughout European history; b. knowledge-based developments are at the heart of nowadays society; c. creating a common space for scientific and intellectual forces will add to European and each national performance and presence in the world; d. such open space will also fuel discussions on the European common future across the continent; e. commitment of Universities is needed in view of the increasing European socio-economic and political realities. For these reasons (high) education and research need a European voice, and they require free movement and interaction between the increasing number of qualified people, whatever institutional differences between Universities. A new focus is necessary and initiatives should be taken to overcome still existing reluctance and barriers in this field.

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  1. Good ideas.

    You are right to advocate “a pro-active approach of Universities regarding European integration” and to remark that “(high) education and research need a European voice”

    Further more, I emphasize that European Universities need a new SYMBOL and I propose that European students could study aboard tall ships along the coasts of Europe during their University Curses:


    Jean-Charles Duboc

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