60 Ideas for Europe

I will be supposed possibly think become active citizens.

Active citizens, or creating societies of citizens,
so that we can intervene and claim effectively in problems that concern us, or participating in institutions of decisions, as is the local self-government.
It will suppose possibly that we decide what city and what village we want.
If we insist in the exceeded protest and ineffective claim for desolation, the stagnation and the shrinkage of our growth in basic sectors, or we will inspire our fellow-citizens for a new perception for human socially city of Samos and villages of Municipality Vathi

We would want a human socially city of Samos GREECE and villages of municipality VATHI With Human society!!
The pythagorean philosophy and thought is a qualification that makes the island of Pythagoras unique per the world. Because him we suitably do not develop with a Pythagorean Academy, with the all sessions operations (libraries, international congresses in their natural space, as philosophy, mathematic, musical, astrophysical etc, and cultural),so that it attracts the world citizen it comes in Samos?
This cultural heritage, can mutate into cultural policy and growth, if it is placed as objective with strategy and program.The sustainable growth, the social providence, the culture, the sports they socially constitute nonnegotiable right that contributes in the developmental course of place and promotes the social cohesion.

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