60 Ideas for Europe

Another idea is to help people getting interested (in an active way) to EU and to spread their knowledge on their inner circle. Counterpart: providing content for EU Commission regarding basic education to Europe.

European Commission could hugely promote European punctual competition in culture among primary and secondary school. The double incentive is to promote active acknowledgment of EU institutions, for teachers and for students as well.
The purpose of a competition (creation of advertisement, letters about native culture, and recognition of the other cultures…) is multiple as well.
It costs less than any communication. If an easy-to-understand content exists (e.g. computer graphics picture of EU institutions, of EU policies, of Member States), teachers will get it actively.

Secondly the activity involved will really shape the national teachers in EU discovering.
Thirdly, it will bypass national resistance towards cultural and educational influence (considering it as a simple game).

Fourthly, it will provide content for EU Commission in order to spread it as a real communication.

Fifthly, it will bind and increase multinational links between schools if it is appropriately exploited after competition.
Children and teachers will promote EU knowledge around them because they will get interested in a new topic (and inversely parents will ask for more information).
Lastly, competition rewards could serve to set up new links between EU and schools for the following years.

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