60 Ideas for Europe

Pan-European Mass Media

Mass Media are powerful tools to create a community and society consciousness. As such, there is a very important need to promote the development of new Pan-European media that truly portrays the impact of EU legislation and decision on all country members. That, and not just a mere translation of news, could help people from different nationalities understand the relevance of certain actions to their fellow European citizens making them aware of the differences and similarities among all of us.

Of course these type of media would require honesty and respect for the truth, so politicization must be avoided by all means. However, the EU could foster the creation of that type of media outlets through, for example, low-interest credits.

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  1. Definitely a good idea, At least EU should start publishing its own weekly newspaper. (it would be slightly impossible to deliver a daily newspaper through Europe every morning) the articles should contain European news and European culture and events and every EU member should be fairly represented.

    There are several sites that already publish online similar contents but statistics show that newspapers are still widely popular and such efforts would promote unity and educate Eu citizens with other EU cultures.

    I took Newspapers as an example of a European mass media because it might be the easiest medium to set up but i don’t think European media should just stop at newspapers.

  2. great idea!
    I’m very interested in EU but it’s hard to get all information about what’s happening… I would very appreciate one newspaper containing all the EU-related news.

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