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The EU at the Olympics.

“In 2008 I hope to see the EU Member State teams in Beijing carry the flag of the European Union alongside their own national flag as a symbol of our unity,” said Romano Prodi.

If this were possible what a great message this could send to Euro-sceptics when they see the EU gaining an estimated third of the gold medals on offer?

What better symbol of the success, strength and collective identity of the European Union could we hope to see?

I’m not sure, at this stage, if this has been approved or declined by the Olympic Committee for the 2008 Games but I believe that the idea should be pursued for future and other international, games and sporting events.

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  1. I hope to see the EU Member State teams to boycott the Olympic Games in Beijing, if China does not change its policy in Tibet!

    This post was submitted by Franz Mayer

  2. Great idea ! This would also be a good thing to do on a regular basis when EU member sport teams compete against other nations on the globe in any competitive sport. Also, when the results are shown at the Olympics re: the numbers of medals won by participating nations, a secondary tally should show the total won by EU member states. In the last Olympics the EU taken as one entity won more medals than any other nation on earth.

  3. EU and its member countries should not attend the Olympics game in Beijing instead EU and its member countries should boycott the Olympic games. As long Tibet isnt free, there cant be any Olympic games, because China doesnt respect the spirit and the philosophy that stands behind the Olympic games doctrine!

  4. EU and US should boycott China and Olympics until their economy nosedives and their GDP PPP drops to ’70s levels. Any excuse to hassle them should be used in the mean time, human rights, Tibet, Darfur, whatever. The same goes for Russia – US and EU should annoy and provoke them at every turn. At the same time, EU and US should keep supporting agricultural subsidies that cause millions of people in Africa to die of starvation every year (there’s too many of them anyway), ensure the continuation of limbo in the Middle East, monopolise the world markets and keep on destroying the environment. I think this is a great strategy for the long term success of the West! Why change the strategy that worked so well for the past 300 years. Long live the newly independent Republic of Kosova!

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