60 Ideas for Europe

In the last few years, tsunamis, floods, earthquakes, droughts, arson and conflicts have been unsettling European hearts with images of chaos, destruction and death. All the Aid sent from Europe is divided and uncoordinated, preventing a visual and global perception of the huge effort made by each of European country. We Europeans, however, now have the opportunity to create something which could improve the results of our aid donations, strengthen our ability to act in the affected regions, better satisfy the needs of the suffering population and assert ourselves as pro Europeans, proud of what the European Union is capable of doing. This can be achieved by creating a European Humanitarian Emergency Force, for which mass human suffering or ecological disasters will not go unnoticed. Such a Force would make the European Union more sensitive to human suffering and more credible for its citizens.

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  1. I think that The Economist magazine made the point a few months ago when the forests of Greece were on fire that in this case the good cooperation and harmonization between member states could be more effective than creating a new force. The emergency units of each member states are scarcely used, but then very much needed. It would be very unlikely that any member states would sacrifice say helicopters for the joint force, although they are very likely to share it because they need it seldom.

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