60 Ideas for Europe

Immigration is currently one of the largest challenges facing European societies. This has been declared the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue, and one of its objectives is the promotion of interaction between Europeans and different cultures, languages, ethnic groups and religions on the continent and elsewhere. Erasmus has proved to be one of the most important ways to strengthen European identity and the creation of new personal and long-lasting bridges between different cultures, countries, languages and traditions. This important Year of Intercultural Dialogue demands a new Erasmus: an Intercultural Erasmus. This programme for university studies would be especially related to specific regional areas defined by the European Commission, such as the Mediterranean, Latin America, Russia and candidate countries. This will enable both Europeans and the societies providing the immigrants to get to know and respect each other and create the possibility of working together for a better world.

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  1. your idea is great.
    iam a lot agree with a extensive Erasmus program which itlncludes latinamerican cultures.
    Remeber there was a program called alban scholarships for latinamerican professionals and teachers. It was so cool and successfull.

    If you want to contact me please do it by
    mobil phone: +573013515930

    Jairo López c.

  2. love this idea ^__^
    meeting people of different cultures is the best way to learn about those cultures and respect them, which is important for today’s world.

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