60 Ideas for Europe

José Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission, understood the importance of information sharing when he claimed: “Creating a knowledge society is essential to a durable, competitive Europe”.

In a globalizing Europe, there is a need for knowledge sharing, a need for interaction and a need for cooperating. Inside Europe lives a community with different backgrounds, cultures, insights and future thoughts that should be exploited. Not only should individuals connect with each other via You Tube or Wikipedia. No, enterprises must also pull their energy together and join their efforts, to learn, improve and innovate. The peer assist methodology could be of assistance, where groups of people from different teams gather to seek knowledge. Or the mutual assessment technique can be adapted, in which management has the opportunity to question another organisation’s capabilities and in turn reflect on their own organisation’s challenges.

EFQM tries to put this vision into practise by assembling business leaders to learn from one and another. We strongly believe in networking and sharing to achieve sustainable growth. Shouldn’t we work together instead of on corporate islands?

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  1. I think this is definitely true. Working together does enhance innovation. However, if cooperation is needed, how can companies gain the trust to cooperate with other companies?

    I’ve been looking at EFQM and it does seem very interesting what they offer.

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