60 Ideas for Europe

Proposal to implement innovations in the most efficient manner which would comply to the urgent EU -e.g. environmental- issues and policies as seen in their global light.

Establishment of a Projectmanagement Agency:
– Actively reviewing all previous, closed, current and future research which Europe might need to implement in relation to priority of policy in which concensus has been reached
– Responsible for executing the implementation of new innovations, inventions, intellectual property, actively seeking out stakeholders.
– Registering patents and licencing free of charge until after entire EU implementation: One EPO department will be dedicated for this purpose and handle requests with the highest priority possible.
– Effectively educate and communicate the problems we need to solve with the current and future technology we have available, to steer researchers into the policy priority direction, pointing out the benefits:
Innovations relating to the EU policies, from incoming date will:
* Be star ranked in every field of the DG’s policies and highly awarded by the Projectmanagement Agency.
* Be protected untill two years after implementation to give EU stakeholders a global headstart.
* Be sold to other continents or countries after European implementation for a fair price in the form of transferring knowledge to developing countries. The Projectmanagement Agency will see to all of this under the leadership of individuals from various backgrounds

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