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A European Passport

Every country has slightly different ideas on citizenship and naturalisation. Some have jus sanguinis, others jus soli. Some have short periods required for naturalisation, others longer, some don’t easily allow naturalisation at all.

This means that within the supranational space of the EU, there is one rule for some and other rules for the rest – particularly the immigrants who we increasingly need to plug the gaps in the workforce. This is not entirely in keeping with the fundamental idea of the right to travel within Europe or of the Schengen area.

Why not, therefore, introduce a universal EU passport to be held alongside national citizenship? This could be used to give special status to non-nationalised migrants and other disenfranchised groups. It might ease the burden on border and customs officials. It would also have a symbolic value abroad, especially for expatriates within and outside the EU and would serve as a tangible reminder of our common heritage and future – just like the Euro.

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  1. La problématique du passeport européen ne peut être dissociée des autres dimensions que sont la nationalité européenne et les droits du citoyen européen.

    Il convient ici de plaider en faveur de la double nationalité rendue explicite sur les documents d’identité dès l’instant où la personne a fait part de son souhait.

    Il conviendrait aussi d’harmoniser les règles d’obtention du permis de conduire afin d’aboutir à un seul et même document dans tous lers pays de l’Union.

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