60 Ideas for Europe

A New Kind of Election

The EU suffers badly from ‘three Ds’ – the democratic deficit, and disinterest. Institutions such as the European Parliament are dull and opaque; I’m a fairly well-informed and articulate citizen but I can’t name who represents me in Brussels/Strasbourg. That’s shameful, but I’m not alone.

Rather than going through the motions of selecting MEPs every few years (only a minority of the electorate are bothered), let’s have a five-yearly vote of confidence instead.

That way, if the majority of Europeans think the EU is doing a good job, it can carry on. It’s then the responsibility of those in power to prove to us that they are working effectively.

If, however, the population is unhappy with the EU in general (as was probably the case when France and the Netherlands rejected the constitution) then we can turf out the EP and (by default) the Commission too. Then a general European ballot can be held upon which people actually might take a view.

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  1. The politician representing you in EU matters, is in fact your democratically elected head of state/ prime minister and its respective government.

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