60 Ideas for Europe

Today’s education systems focus largely on knowledge that can be reproduced and tested in exams. This does not help much for developing skills. The EU should lead a worldwide learning revolution by phasing out knowledge-based education in favour of a skills-based learning system. Many examples within and outside of education systems exist and they need to be drawn together to create a coherent approach that can transform today’s schools and universities.

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  1. It is maybe better to have a combination of both. Having skills without knowledge does not bring you that far unless you have skills how to obtain knowledge but to obtain those skills you need knowledge. The two go hand in hand, you can’t be an innovative person if you do not know what has already been achieved!

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    I agree. As a primary/elementary educator I think we need to focus on skills first, content second. The present push for PYP in primary years and its Inquiry based learning emphasis is all very well BUT it fails to put the skills at the front where they belong. Instead they are something kids are supposed to pick up along the way as they ( or their Mums and Dads) do their ‘Projects.’

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