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It is important if many people from Europe are living and working in third industrialized countries such as USA, Canada, Nuew Zealand, Australia and Japan, the EU can realize agreements in Social Security (pension systems) with those countries.
It consists if any European who has realized contibutions to the pension system in his national country and if he is living, working and realizing contributions to the pension system in one of the mentioned countries, he can obtain a pension by unifying all his contributions and applying the pro rata temporis model.
For example if a lady from Hungary worked in Budapest ten years and then she moved to Japan and worked 25 years and in both countries she does not have the minimun periods in order to obtain a pension, it can calculate according a percentage in base of the maximun periods in order to obtain a complete pension in both countries. In this cases she can receive a pension which hungarian pension system will pay the 25% of the total pension and the Japanese pension system the 75%.
I recommend if EU members want to realize many agreements with third industrialized contries, they can invite the presidents or prime minister of those countries to the Congress of Europe
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Jairo López C

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  1. Yes this idea is good but I think your opinion i good. It is so difficult because you tell about there are agreements between USA and many EU members with its own decistions.

    but what about another third cuntries such as Asutralia, New zealand and Japan?

    Jairo López

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