60 Ideas for Europe

European Youth Forum

The young people is the most scepticism with the European Union. It´s important to give them more information and clarify everything that is concerned with the European Union. There are a lot of policies that affect the youth, like Erasmus and Leonard aids, the facilities to learn another language in the European Union, and the mobility of the students and the young workers.

Right now the universities of the different European countries facilities to study some years in another country with no problem in getting the graduated title and with some aids from the national goverments. However these aids are not enough yet.

It would be a good idea to promote European Youth Forum in all the european countries. Those forum should not promote a particular point of view of Europe, but they should open a debate with the presence of an European actor.

Another initiative will be that youngers could visit the European Union institutions. All the universities should received aids from the European Union to make possible that young people make trips to visits the European Institutions and get plenty information about the EU.

Finally, another initiative will be to integrate the young immigrants in the European Union countries. We can not allow the violence spreads to poor neighbourhoods across France or any other country in Europe. This occurs because young people from suburbs have suffered discrimination and depravation.We must struggle against discrimination.

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