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Europe should promote peace all around the world. The most important achievement of the European integration process has been the reconciliation of the European continent. Peace is the most important asset that Europe can export worldwide. PEACE should therefore be one of the most important and visible commitments of the European society as a whole, a shared project. This requires the creation of a European Reconciliation Council, with the participation of politically independent artists, singers, writers and people related to social movements, not only Europeans, but also from elsewhere. This Council of Citizens in favour of Reconciliation would meet to analyse not only the bloodiest of conflicts, but also those classified as “permanent”. It will propose action in order to both progress in the reconciliation of the nations concerned and to prevent conflicts by increasing awareness of the absurdity of war in the 21st century.

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  1. Peace always was a goal of European integration, and Bosnia/Kosovo aside it has been achieved. However, without a viable military stick to match the economic and political carrot, the chance of spreading these values outside the European sphere are minimal. After 60 years of bloodshed in Israel/Palestine, I can’t see what Bono and Noam Chomsky would have to offer.

  2. LET’S TRY! Military forces are not the solution, but a new problem when the reconciliation must be achieved. Young generations, people that take/will take part in wars, are fed up with politics and promises but they will hear with great interest what for example Bono and local-“cultural” leaders say. The leaders of the XXIst century are now members of NGOs, writers, professors, artists, singers… Don’t say please that “the chance of spreading these values outside the European sphere are minimal”. Let’s try! don’t leave people killing, dying, suffering in vain… Europe should create a group of independent leaders from all around the world to work in favour of peace and reconciliation in the world. And I would be proud of this European contribution to the world. Somebody ready to work for it?

  3. I completely agree with you. But within 30 seconds, “let’s try” is going to come up against a complete lack of political will, not to mention a lack of resources.

    The people who make these wars happen, Wilfred Owen’s “old men”, are not interested in what Bono et al have to say: you have to show them the money or show them the power. (“But the old man would not so, but slew his son…, And half the seed of Europe, one by one.”)

    What’s more, many countries outside Europe are going to resent what they see as “western interference” in their sovereign affairs. Don’t forget that a lot of the wars and conflicts going on today are legacies of European imperialism (British, French, German, Belgian, Dutch) in the 19th and 20th centuries…

    Your idea might therefore be best presented as an international rather than European effort.

  4. I would say European initiative, international “citizen” effort. That’s why I suggested a Council whose members are not politicians, and not only European, to avoid people think that it is an interference. Being so many conflicts legacies of European imperialism… as you say, why don’t act? why don’t try reconciliation with citizens and not governments, to make them aware that reconciliation is the only possible end to every war, as History shows us. Let’s “imagine”, as Lennon said…

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