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EU Idea: to reduce the Corporate Social Responsability´s Communication Gap between companies and institutions -which can help to solve social problems- and non profit organizations -that needs resources for social programmes-.

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  1. It could be very difficult to eliminate completely this gap so, if it is possible to reduce it even if it is only a little, the result can have a beneficial and huge impact on the social welfare.

  2. It’s very important to reduce GAP if we want to reach more efficiency in the communication. Congratulations.

  3. It´s a very interesting idea because it’s necessary that companies and non profit orgnizations work togheter and with a same language. Congratulations for the idea.

  4. Thank you Mª Eugenia, Carmen and Alberto. I´ll try to do the best in The Hague and I´ll keep you informed. Thanks again for your support.

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