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Solidarcite the “city year” for young volunteers in Belgium. The principle is to offer to young people from diversified backgrounds to act during a certain period of their life as active volunteers involved in different social projects. The “city year” is based on 3 main principles:
– A commitment to serve the community: In practice, each volunteer has to take part on several work camps which give him the opportunity to be in touch and to contribute to different types of volunteerism.
– A step in life through training: Training is an indispensable step to provide to the volunteers the requested tools to achieve their tasks. Training sessions are organised closely related to the different work camps and activities the volunteer will be involved
– A break to mature a personal project : During all the period, the volunteer will have some guided break days that would allow him to take some distance and to evaluate how he is benefiting from his participation to the “city year”.
The project is open to belgian young girls and boys between 17 and 25 years, from a large panel of cultures and social environments: they take the commitment to offer 9 months of their life to the others and work in groups of 8 young adults. Due to the content of the project, young people taking part on it are mainly coming from disadvantaged backgrounds and find in their commitment a way to give more sense and to consider new orientations for their future life.
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