60 Ideas for Europe

Common Migration Policy

Next to the international status of refugees where the international conventions have to be respected, there should be a common European immigration policy. A European Blue Card should be introduced for economic immigrants, which would be valid for the whole EU/EEA area. The yearly quota and profiles should be fixed in function of the real shortages on the European labour market. It should also only be used as last resort, when intra EU-migration or extra efforts on training and education can not give an adequate answer to the real shortage.

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  1. Olivier.

    You will notice that the second chamber of the UK parliament has just published a detailed report suggesting that recent immigration has very little economic benefit for the UK.

    This is in spite of supposed training shortages and alleged labour shortages.

    So I don’t understand why we should have a pan-European immigration policy, particularly when those administrating it (i.e. the EU) would lack democratic legitimacy to do so.

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