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If we look how European Union “complicates” for countries which want to join it, it wonders me, that there are still countries they want to join. Despite that fact that EU is very egoistic about that, making rules for those new countries as would the EU be a promised land,a paradise.In the last 5 to 10 years the EU has become like a sales man that sales vacuum cleaners door to door.EU is in love with itself.EU should more respect the new member countries.It’s not about what the EU can give those new members but the point is that with every new member,EU gets more complete.I don’t know what EU complicates about the wish of Turkey to join our big family of countries.Turkey is a great country, great people and they still won’t join EU soon.On the other hand,EU wants Cro in the EU as quick as possible.As a Slovenian I don’t agree with that.I don’t have nothing against the people of Cro and their wish to join the EU but I don’t agree that they join EU and the get even our soil.EU doesn’t do anything about it,our premier and his chief of diplomacy don’t do anything about that and Cro is freely selling our soil to Italians and others foreign buyers.In that case,I rather see Turkey in the EU next year than Cro.We all know, that the soil Cro wants is ours and you can check at Google,how they see the border.Turkey has my full support for joining EU,Cro not!Those modern politicians, they just work for their parties and their pockets but not for the people, country which elected them.

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  1. I simply adore Croatia, their customs, bright spirit and hospitality, tradition, their beautiful country (especially the cities of Dubrovnik, Zagreb and Split), attractive women and great sportsmen and I want them in the EU as soon as possible. I don’t think Slovenia should be stopping them to join us.

  2. You see that’s the point.I’m talking about hillbillies like you, who don’t care if another country is hungry of another countries soil. And if your wish that Cro joins as soon as possible because of attractive women and great sportsmen, than you really are a wise man.The croate people are nice and everything but they can’t hunger for our soil.It’s the same as with China, they host the Olympic games and they still repress an entire nation. So much for people like you (hillbillies) and so much for modern democracy.

    But still I have to say, I’m not against Cro or their people, only against the philosophy of the modern door to door EU, which sales, our villages to croatia in exchange for their membership.

    In that case, let’s give Turkey Cyprus for exchange they join as quick as possible.Turkey has also attractive women and great sportsmen, adn their cities are far more majestic than Dubrovnik, Zagreb,…

  3. Oh, you obviously haven’t been to Turkey yet David. Well I have, and I can tell you that Croatia is more beautiful, developed and attractive in EACH and EVERY aspect. Culturally, economically, naturally. Whatever you want. You choose.

    Nevertheless I get the impression that you don’t have the elementary knowledge concerning the Croatian and Turkish situation and their bid for the EU. They can not be compared! Especially if you look respectively at the level of their social and economic development. Furthermore, in your arguments is visible a slight xenophobic and nationalist feeling that should be avoided in the opened and free communities and societies like the EU. It’s a pity, David, for a young man like you.

  4. Every country has it’s black spots.No country on the world is a perfect place. The opened and free communities and societies like the EU?What for a free community and societies?It looks that you don’t know about the “problems” with our neighbour. There is no xenophobic and nationalism in my argument, I’m not even a politician.
    You don’t care about the problem with Croatia and the EU doesn’t care not even our politicians care, so it’s time that some one cares.

    In the end we could split Slovenia into 4 pieces and gave it to our neighbours. Would that please you?

    Eine frage, was glaubst du, von vem die EU mehr profitieren wurde, vom Croatzien oder der Turkei?Als ich schon sagte, ich habe nichts gegen die croaten und ihrer mitgliedschaft in der EU, aber ich habe etwas dagegen das sie auch unseres land wollen und sie verkaufen es auch noch und das vor dem augen der EU.
    Dietmar, es ist nicht das erste mal das mit slowenischen land ein andres land bezahlt wurde, denk mal auf Italien. Sie haben “euch” verraten unn als gegen leistung haben sie unseres land bekommen und jetzt wird die EU still da sitzen und den croaten sagen: Nehmt euch was ihr wollt.
    Wir sind in der EU und die croaten nicht,deshalb glaube ich sollte Slowenien die regeln bestimmen und nicht umgekehrt.Hast du villeicht angst vor der Turkei?

    You can not say yes to Cro and no to Turkey because you have been in the Turkey and you didn’t like it.

  5. It seems clear that David has a serious chip on his shoulder concerning Croatia. I’m not an expert on the history of the borders or history of Slovenia or Croatia. However, surely Slovenes should welcome the accession of Croatia into the EU. Then their disputes can be resolved on the basis of equality and common membership of a supranational body, and with the encouragement of other EU countries. This is what the EU is all about – bringing countries together in a spirit of cooperation and reconciliation. And if Croatia really is in the wrong, then the Slovenes should have nothing to worry about.

  6. Hello David:
    I think in this debate is about to see the situation of Croatia in order to join to the EU. No matter sports or beautiful women. Human rights, social and political situations are a lot more important to qualify if a nation from Europe can join to the EU.
    Turkey has problems with human rights but i think that is the real cause for joining to the EU.

    Sincerely yours,
    Jairo López
    Colombia: +573013515930

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