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Though EU has a Cohesion Policy, among the horizontal policies like Sustainable Development and Equal Opportunities, that are compulsory for the project financed from its structural instruments, there isn’t mentioned Community Development. Or, what kind of cohesion can these instruments create if people will continue to migrate in waves from a region to other in Europe? And while the differences of welfare will persist for years between EU regions (even if they’ll be diminished by a successful implementation of the Cohesion Policy) the only way to reduce the immigration is to create the subjective satisfaction of European citizens in their communities through Community Development. Though, this should become one of the horizontal themes in all the projects that will be financed from the European Structural Funds, else these will amplify the immigration inside EU.

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  1. Estimate Nicolae:

    It is good but is Community Development very useful for non european citizens?
    How can this project help too much for realizing the laboral movility for non european citizens?
    Remember the equal opportunities for all the citizens (europeans or not)

    Sincerely yours,
    Jairo López C.

  2. Community development will reduce the migration of European citizens –making them feel better at home- but it will make, too, the European localities more warm and friendly places for everybody (including non-European emigrants). This is because community development uses and creates in the same time a kind of non-discriminatory social capital.

  3. a good idea with potential long-term effects.
    let’s look to societies/states that uses community development in almost all governmental and non governmental interventions – nobody leave the country to find better and… their economy is strong.
    looking forward for debating this proposal 🙂

  4. It’s very good idea and the one of first steps for improve the EU Cohesion Policy!
    Let’s work for this and for same ideas and win together!

  5. And is a very good background for the solidarity with the countries of other continents! I was recently in Guinea Conakry and the people there is very interested in this domain.

  6. Community Develoment is most important instrument to support, special the EU countries from Central and Eastern countries in Europe in their democratic and European development. Without good community development there will stay big differences betweencountire in one union. This cannot be a goal of the EU!

  7. I completely agree with Mr Pim Huesken’s comment! Yes, we need the tools of professional community development in our towns, cities and on the countryside to develop our European Community towards a social, just, democratic and peaceful international society based on universal moral principles and human rights!

  8. EU has accepted to reduce CO2-emission by 20% until 2020. Hungary has accepted it as well.
    According to the oppinion of a leading Hungarian meteorologist: without reducing CO2-emission by 80% (!!!) we shall not have any results in connection with global warming.
    This might be possible only by acting locally.
    So as to act locally we badly need to strengthen our local communities.
    This is just one element why I think that “Community Development is a horizontal theme of Europe”…

  9. Community Develoment is most important instrument to support, special the EU countries from Central and Eastern countries in Europe in their democratic and European development.

  10. In my view community development would contribute to intra-regional development. Acting locally, the communities have a great opportunity to contribute at the social cohesion.

  11. community development: a helpful professional strategy to develop participating and integrating structures in Europe!

  12. Thanks to Nicolae for stimulating debate on Community Development as a horizontal theme for the European Union. There’s lots of discussion simmering in regional and national networks about shared principles for Community Development and a common understanding of Community Development. The Combined European Bureau for Social Development (www.cebsd.org) have a project on Training and Learning for Community Development with funding from the European Commission.Let’s continue this exchange.

  13. I think, community development is not just a method, it’s a way of thinkink. And it’s very important.

  14. Indeed, Barbara, Community Development could become a EU horizontal policy like Sustainable Development. And actually I think it (CD) includes this (SD) but is more effective by using in a larger extent and developing meantime the social capital of the communities.

  15. OK…mais s’il en est ainsi c’est en raison d’un déficit d’Union. Comment expliquer les migrations intra-européennes sinon par l’absence d’un droit social et d’un droit fiscal européen?

    Si l’on veut éviter que s’installe, demain, un mouvement pendulaire dans l’autre sens ( l’Histoire,en effet, connaît des sautes d’humeur!), il faut harmoniser les politiques sociales et fiscales de l’Union.

    Encore faut-il que nos syndicats apprennent à parler d’une même voix et cessent de défendre des intérêts sous – régionalistes! Encore faut-il que nos responsables de l’Education s’inscrivent vraiment dans le processus de Bologne sans arrière-pensées d’arrière-boutiques ( parts de marché, subventions…)

  16. Community Development is crucial for the welfare of the communities. The importance of the participatory approach in defining the local development strategies, as well as of the community empowerment in implementing and monitoring these strategies are not enough perceived by the citizens.
    Sustainable Community Development advances the creation of livable and vibrant communities through comprehensive approaches that coordinate economic, physical, environmental, municipality and human development. These approaches should preserve the environment and historic landmarks, address “brownfields” clean-up and redevelopment, explore the economic development advantages of energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy resources, and improve the quality of and/or access to health care and human services, education, child care, affordable housing, transportation and public safety.

  17. Dear Jean-Luc,

    The labour force deficit itself does not justify the migration. Such an example, though in Romania there is a deficit of 100.000 – 500.000 persons on the labour market (according to different ministers) Romanians are still leaving their communities being ready to pay the price of social exclusion abroad for bigger salaries. Why? Because they don’t feel sufficient integrated in their own communities, though they don’t have too much to lose in this respect.

    Nicolae Cuta,

  18. Hello, Nicolae,

    Tu as entièrement raison…ce n’était qu’un exemple! Une harmonisation des législations sociales et fiscales est l’objectif prioritaire auquel tous, dont les forces syndicales, doivent pouvoir souscrire!

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