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European Media

How are we supposed to speak with one voice if we don’t share an eye? Or necessarily not even the same information.

The public debate is shaped by the media. So European media would contribute largely to the formation of a European viewpoint. A European newspaper or European TV station would speak out for European interests, where local or national newspapers advocate only local and national concerns.

Furthermore, closer attention would be paid to debates and decision in the European institutions, as they concern all of the readers/viewers, which in many national media outlets serve only as fillers or even scapegoats.

Sure, the question of language remains. Multiple editions in various languages or usage of a lingua franca?

And are media not a grass root initiative? Should they be established by an authority? Yes and no. A European public TV channel would certainly not hurt. It would be wisely spent taxpayer’s money. European newspapers should not be in a public hand, I agree. But subsidies could help to establish them.

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  1. err, maybe we should create an EU TV news channel.

    We could call it “Euronews”, to be original.

    Oh, wait. It’s been done.

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