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In these days the Parliament in my home country Austria is going to sign the recent EU-Treaty. Although rather interested in EU topics I found myself fairly uninformed about details of the new treaty. In discussions with friends and citizens of my country I realized that the majority of the people I talked to does not know what the treaty is good for, or does not know anything about what is written in the treaty.

So my suggestion would be:
European Institutions should take a greater effort than until now to inform the common people about the EU, about the work of the EU-Institutions, to inform the citizens about details of the EU-policy and about details of the EU-Treaties.
The media (newspapers, TV, internet…)in the member states could be a vehicle for information campaigns. The representatives of the member states in the EU-Parliament should be mediators between the EU and the citizens in their home countries. They would be the right persons to carry informations about the EU to the citizens at home.
I think, the better informed the citizens in the member states, the better the image of the European Union.

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  1. Franz, you say you are uninformed about the details of the Treaty. Actually I would be surprised if you were well informed, because the treaty is 287 pages long (in English).

    Most people in Europe haven’t read it. Christopher Storey asked if Gordon Brown had read it, and the prime minister’s assistants refused to say.

    Has your deputy read it? It seems unlikely.

  2. The same is the situation with that so-called Constitution. Hundred of pages.
    European politicians should be aware of the fact that citizens have not so much time to read to get informed. The Constitution should be reduced to a booklet to become interesting for people. The same with all those traties. A short and clear resume should be done to be understand by anyone.

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