60 Ideas for Europe

It is important that the citizens see that the EU is an important global player.

The best would be to reform the UN in a democratic way but in the meantime instead of discussing whether Germany should be in the security council, the EU should have a coherent foreign policy decided by qualified majority and represented in the security council.

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  1. While I agree, there is one problem with that – it’s not actually up to the EU whether it gets a seat, it’s up to the UN. Since this blog is about ideas for Europe that could theoretically be implemented by Europe, your idea becomes redundant.

    However, it is a nice idea. It might be better overall if the UNSC was made up of the world’s biggest democratic economies rather than the world’s military powers post WWII. That would leave room for other entities eg. Mercosur, ASEAN rather than just nation-states.

  2. An EU seat in UN does not count too much. On one side, a single seat is not enough to change UN decisions. On the other side, UN has a bad reputations in countries where its troops has involved and generated wars. EU could make use ot that disadvantage of UN and lead succesfully its policies there.
    What need indeed EU now it is not necessarily another seat but good and taugh politicians and policies. Weakness, shouldn’t be allowed in its politics, as in the case of Kosovo. EU needs to have the same voice from all its countries.That level is its maturity and from there it could play the best role.
    Seats is not enough!

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